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Black does it feel to have thick full pouty lips, ageless bronze skin, and nice round butts?
You don't ever have to worry about aging fast. Your beautiful bronze skin absorbs all of the sunlight which keeps your skin looking young.
You don't ever have to get lip injections because your lips are already plump and full.
You will never need butt implants or butt pads because you already have the perfect butt!

It must feel nice to be so physically blessed!
Kaitlyn R is way too ugly to be calling anyone else a man...seriously.
How do you get a big, round butt with exercise?
I'm a 15 year old girl. I already have a big butt, but it is mostly made up of fat. I'm going to lose about 10 lbs and tone my body. When I was 11, I lost 38 lbs and my butt became small! I didn't have muscles though. What can I do to keep a big butt and make it even nicer and rounder? Basically have the best butt possible for me (perfect butt in my opinion is Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian). Thank you :)
There is a lot of traditional ways you can tone your butt. Although they are boring the traditional exercises like squats and lounges are very effective. The key is repetition and also challenge yourself by adding weights to the exercise. Now if you really want to work your butt and make it look like Kim's, you should try her "Fit in your jeans my Friday butt blast work out". I didn't think it was going to work, but the first time I did that video my butt was so sore, after like two weeks my fiance notice a difference in my butt I was so happy. Just to try out the DVD I rented it at blockbuster online to see if it was worth buying.
Where can i find perfect jeans for my body type?
i am asian woman. we known for been small and petite. i have small waist with big round butt. Finding perfect jeans for my body type is quite difficult here in malaysia. so, i am looking forward to buy online. so i need suggestions on brands, quality and design.
I Like J Brand Jeans, DKNY, Diesel, FCUK, Replay and Miss Sixty. there are more but I can't remember.. also they are too expensive but nice.. I'm sure you're gonna find your size
Hope I helped
Black does it feel to have thick full lips, ageless bronze skin, and nice round butts?
You don't ever have to worry about aging fast. Your beautiful bronze skin absorbs the sunlight.
Your never have to use lip plumpers or get lip injections because your lips are already plump and full. You also already have perfect hour-glass shapes.

How does it feel ladies?
That's a perfect example of why I have a strong preference for black women.
How does victoria's secret models get so flat abs and Big butts?
Just curious because I think they really look sexy and I so much envy them for that haha. I want to know HOW?Like they have perfect round butts and over all skinny and flat abs, they don't look dramatically skinny like runaway models, they seem muscular and healthy, like Candice Swanepole (I don't know how to spell her name). How do they do that? I heard that exercise can flatten your butt and so many trainers say V.S models do that, that's why in shape, is that true?
Victoria's Secret models are actually required to stay healthy, eat right, drink lots of water, and exercise. They aren't allowed to get by with just starving themselves, like some modeling companies allow.

Answer mine please?;…
What exercises will make my butt bigger?
I have a really CURVY body. My problem is my butt is kinda wide but my butt is pretty flat. I want a perfect round butt!!
By the way when I say I have a curvy body im not fat I just have curves.
I DO pee on the bush... if you know what that is..........
How do skinny girls get big butts?
so im pretty skinny.. im 17, 5'4, & 100lbs. but i want a big butt! my butt right now is a LITTLE round but still flat. i want a big ol' bubbly butt that sticks out! lol. like supermodels butts are soo perfect & round. i know thats exercise, but its not only muscles, its meat too. i use to eat alot of mcdonalds but that didnt really do anything. i just want a BIG cute round butt! lol please help =[
most models have butt implants lol
try doing squats daily
How can I make my boobs grow?
I'm 5'9 with blonde hair, blue eyes, straight, white teeth, sculpted arms, a long neck, a flat tummy, a perfect, round butt, extremely muscular thighs, kind of small but not really calves... and no boobs. I'm a 34A. Without using birth control or any other prescription medications, how can I get my boobs to grow?!
You can't make your breast grow . Just how life is sometimes.
Do people's butts, between the ages of 18 to 19, lose thier perkiness?
I am an 18-year-old gay man and my favourite thing about myself is my butt as it's perfect and round and perky and beautiful. I will be 19 in the summer and afraid it will somewhat fall and lose it's perkiness.

Also, do people's faces, during the ages of 18 to 19, change a lot?
I don't understand why you always seem to be OVERLY concerned with age and physical features.

The inside of a person should be just as important.

And to answer your question, I'd say no.
Why is it that black women have such a perfect waist to hip ratio and amazing bodies in general?
Even the most petite black women have really round butts. I was in Miami last weekend and I went nutts!
Black girls have the best everything
best butts
best lips
best dance moves
best faces
best skin!!!
I love black girls

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