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Do any other cheeleaders pee their panties while cheering?
I always have a problem cheering on cold nights, and often hafta pee. The bouncing doesn't help or the hot drinks to stay warm. After having 2 peeing accdients and almost getting kicked off, I learned to hide it and now am good as long as we are outside.
Anyone ever pee while cheering, hidden or open?
Now a couple of other girls on my squad do it too, rather than risking an accident.
Nope but I've pissed myself after passing out drunk before
How do you make yourself pee your panties while u sleep?
Hello, A guy made a bet for 100.00 for someone to pee the bed while they are alseep. @ 2 people have already won and i cant seem to win. I dont want to lie about it. I have tried the pee cd's, drank alot of water before bed, had my friend put my hand in warm water while sleep, and listening to water running. nothing worked. please help.
U actually wanna piss in the bed??, Hell just do it, pull it out at pee,
What do you do if you are in the car and you let out a few squirts of pee in ur panties?
No bathrooms or clothes to change bladder is still full...very full...don't want to pee more in panties tho because i don't want to wet my shorts more....please help.
Ummmm...there's not much more to do.
My little girl wont go poop in toylet but will pee in toylet and she pees in panties looking at you on purpose?
she is 2 and 5 months she pees on toylet but will not poop. She looks terified if she somthing is about to come out of her butt on the toylet and she pees in her panties looking at you on piurpose what do i do about these situations?
She's only two so don't worry to much about it. I work at a daycare and most of them aren't potty trained either. Take her to the potty with you, so her how mommy goes potty and. If your daddy I'm sorry I didn't look at the name, but if daddy encourage her by asking her if she has to go potty and show her and explain. Say this is the potty where we go peepee and poo poo when you have to go you go in there say it everytime andthat goes for mommy as well. You have to introduce them to the potty. Also if you are putting them on the big potty, try giving them their own and put it in a spot where they can see it and go to it when they have to go and gradually move it closer to the bathroom when you feel she is getting the hang of it start introducing her to the big potty but don't put her on it.
Why is it that every time i pee there's a discharge in my panties that looks like *** ?
this always happens...some times it's a little sometimes alot and it looks white (jus like ***) and if this helps i haven't had sex in 2 years and i don't really think about it and i don't just get horny like that so what's the matter ?
It's just plain ol' discharge. Every girl gets it. No big deal :)
When I pee it burns and hurts bad. I have been wearing tight clothes and panties?
I also put baby power on my panties too. Can that cause it to dry up and burn? Please help... Im so embrass
Calm down! There is nothing to worry about. It sounds like you have a simple yeast infection. Call your doctor and make an appointment. He/she will be able to give you medication to clear it up. This isn't anything major but it can turn into something bigger if you don't get medical attention. Try to get an appointment within the next couple days and you will be fine!
I wish I was a women have periods pee sitting down wear panties thongs and only have to poop every other day?
Or do I not wish i was a wome my question is are periods really a pain also I wish I was a women because when I'm pregnant I would just wear adult depends every day of pregency man it must be fun being a women
try it for a day and get back to me :)
Potty training - he goes to pee with his panties on?
If you had this experience, how did you overcome this problem? Thank you for your answers!
We had the same problem, so we dialed it back... we started with a week of no pants. He walked around the house with a slightly long shirt on (that was for mommies sake...I have a husband and two boys and see enough male parts to fill a lifetime!!)

After a week, we went to just pants. Elastic waist, no buttons or zippers. That way he could learn to pull his pants up and down. Then we went to panties (a phrase my husband loathes 'underwear, PLEASE!' the poor man cries, but between us moms? panties it is :) so he could learn pulling the panties up first then the pants.

I'm a huge fan of going straight to panties and skipping the training underwear. This way, when they have an accident, it's a big deal -- not that he had the accident, but we have my son undress, take his soiled clothes to the wash, get re-dressed... a 30 minute process (at least) so he learns that just stopping the playtime and going potty is WAY quicker than having to deal with an accident.

It ain't easy sister, but you two will figure it out. If you work and can't do a whole week, try just a weekend of pants-free days and see how it goes. And GOOD LUCK!!!
I have a 3 y that keeps pee in her panties every time she goes to the bathroom. I tried.?
I tried giving her a present if she doesn’t pee.
I took all her candy away.
My husband punishes her not going out with me.
My husband spanker
Nothing works …. Pleased help
This breaks my heart! I feel so sorry for your guy.

All guyren have their own schedules and 3 years old is too young to expect her to use a toilet on her own regularly. Some guyren are not totally potty trained until much later. She is still well within regular guidelines.

I like that you reward her when she is being good. That is great reinforcement.

However, I totally disagree with your husband's use of punishment and especially spanking for this natural behavior. This cannot help and will probably do much harm for this guy. It will only delay her being able to become successfully potty trained. I feel you must talk to him and make him stop punishing her. Step up and help your guy, please. She is too young, fragile and helpless to be made to suffer so. She cannot help herself. You must speak up for her. Good luck.

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