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What is a amazing male masturbation technique?
I want a technique that will blow my mind. One that can give me like a whole body experience. I would like one where its like so powerful that I can't control my body. Please if anyone has any serious suggestions put it down. (and remember this is for a MALE!) Thank you in advance.
Forget buying anything. The best one is free.

All you need is time.

Abstain from getting off for as long as it takes before you have a nocturnal emission (usually 5 to 10 days). Then, when you do, start slowly, never go fast. Go for at least 20 minutes without losing it. Then just before you blow, stop. Wait for it to get soft again, then start over. Go for another 20 minutes or so (sometimes less after the first try) and then stop again. Do this as many times as you can, at least 3 times. When you finally do go over the edge, you'll have your whole body spasm.

If you're the smoking type, do it with weed, if not, just ignore this last sentence.
What is the best technique for male masturbation?
Just wondering, any good ideas to really get a good orgasm?
get nice, think of some girl you either blazed or want to blaze or look at a picture of a hottie, Victoria's Secret or Penthouse, work it a bit, get it hard and rigid, get some machismo juice flowing, lick your fingers that'll reach and touch your nipples together, the thumb and middle finger and work every thing simultaneously and then explode with great pleasure and pride.
works for me every time.
What is the best male masturbation technique?
Hi i'm 17 male, wanna know the best male masturbation technique to experience the best orgasmic feeling haven't. My friend told that yesterday he had a great feeling doing it but when i tried it wasn't that fun. I want to have the best orgasm ever through masturbation(don't have a gf). Please reply in fast want to try it as soon as possible! Oh! yes i google'd about it but could not find the right one hope i get better techniques from peoples personal experience
masturbate as usual but right before ejaculation stick your finger up your *** and *** all over your face, then look in the mirror cuz it looks cool
Is male masturbation techniques something men talk about often?
I was at a store when I overheard two men having a conversation. The conversation was a description of masturbation techniques they were recommending to each other.

I've never had a conversation with anyone about recommending masturbation techniques.

Is male masturbation techniques something men talk about often?
Only with gays or liberated straight guys.
What are the different ways of controlling the male masturbation?? some technique?
i have been addicted to do the masturbate daily with the hand.... can u tell me how to get the rid out of this problem? i have tried so many times to not to think about the girls and the blue print movies,,,, but i failed in that mission........ plz suggest me some tips...
My (male) masturbation technique?!?
I have a odd masturbation technique. When i am erecting i lie belly dow on my bed and thrust back in forth. I find this the most pleasurable. I am only 13 and am still exploring. Is this technique dangerous? Got any cool techniques?
God this is awkward to answer, but for your health, I'm going to.
"Masturbating face-down puts excessive pressure on the penis, and especially on the base of the penis. These sensations are not easily replicated in conventional masturbation or in sexual intercourse. This can make TMS practitioners unable to have normal sexual relations. A survey conducted for this web site revealed that males who masturbate conventionally have sex 6.6 times more often than TMS practitioners. "
If you don't feel like reading this, masturbating in that fashion causes an actual DISFUNCTION with your JUNK. So don't.
The standard way I guess is sitting down or on your back.

gahhhd akward.
The best technique for male masturbation?
I am 16, i will masturbate about once every 1-2 days. I would like to know the techniques used to get optimum pleasure from masturbation, please enlighten me.
Start with looking at:

This will give you plenty of ideas.
Good male masturbation technique's?
Hi guys I'm bored with the usual up and down with the fist method and want something new to get in touch with my body and sexual side. Any technique's that have worked for you guys I would greatly appreciate! I cannot buy sex toys so don't suggest them.
You can put something in your anus, rather you're a male or female, some people like that feeling.

You can dry hump a pillow.

Have sex with a banana peel.

Hump a back full of lotion.

Instead of your hand doing you, do your hand.

Any way that feels good to you is a good way to masturbate, you just have to experiment, because what some people like, others may not.
What are the top 5 male masturbation techniques?
I'm sexually frustrated as the girlfriend is putting out and waiting for marriage. I need the best ways to get off before I go insane.

Male Masturbation Techniques
Newest Techniques

#50 Autoblow - The ******* Machine

#49 Male G-Spot

#48 Fleshlight Masturbating
#48k Hands-Free Fleshlight

1 The Basic Fist Method
2 Basic Thumb-Forefinger
3 The Mushroom
4 Campfire Method
5 Headless Jerking Off
6 Poking out of the Pulpit
7 Backhand Masturbation
8 Interlocking Grip
9 Foreskin Grip
10 Boxer Rub Masturbation
11 Upward Squeeze
12 Downward Squeeze
13 Too Full Hand's Full
14 Circular Masturbating
15 Palm, Belly, and Penis Sandwich
16 What? Packing Tape!
17 Table Hump Masturbation
18 Butt Resting on Heels
19 Pole Straddle (tight rope)
20 Pelvis Momentum Explosion
21 Masturbate the Head and Balls
22 Oral Lip Imitation Method
23 Pelvic Thruster Tease
24 Wring it Out Masturbation
25 Thumb Concentration on Glans
26 Backhand Circular
27 Intercourse Masturbation w/ Couch
28 Deep Scrotum & Testicle Massage
29 Maximum Penis Head Stimulation
30 Perfect Bathtub Masturbation
31 Water Flow on Testicles
32 Tease the Tip
33 Pillow Humping Hands-Free
34 Backhand Pelvic Thrust
35 Sexual Intercourse Imitation
36 Hands-Free Pelvic Grind
37 Glass Balls Masturbation
38 Ice Cold Golden Testicles
39 Forearm Stroking Technique
40 Pull, Bend, Squeeze
41 Underhanded Masturbation
42 Squat and Spurt
43 Fast Finger + + More ...
Whats the best technique for male masturbation (Besides your hands)?
The title clearly explains what I need help with.

I'm tired of doing the same things over and over (my hand)

I've tried some different techniques but none were all that special to me.

PS: I'm not stupide so don't say "stick your penis in a lighs socket" etc. Not fallign for it. >.<


Put two pillows (preferably fluffy ones) down on the bed, one top of the other, and then slip your penis between them. Prop yourself up on your arms and begin to pump. This is a free-handed technique.

Simply put the pillows on a desk (most desks have the right height for this) or a table, place your hands on the pillows, and insert your penis and thrust in and out. This is something like having "doggy-style" sex.



This is an easy one. Simply peel a banana (you can eat it later), slip the peel over your penis, and masturbate with it. The banana slime is a great lubricant. You can warm up the peel in the microwave for added sensations. Also, you might have better results if you peel the banana by making just one cut in the peel and removing the fruit through the single cut; you can then cut off the end of the banana peel and insert your penis through that end.


If you masturbate in the shower and have a shower massager, lie on your back in the tub, and turn the nozzle to a really rough setting — something that would give your back a decent massage. Put the water on that really sensitive spot on the underside of your penis. After a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes, you'll have a great orgasm.



Take a condom with a reservoir tip, and fill the tip of the condom with a water-based lube. (The more lube you use, the better it feels.) Once the condom is nice and snug at the base of your penis, squeeze the tip, so the lube gets squished around. Then start to masturbate.

Take a condom and put quite a lot of lotion in the tip. Then roll the condom down on your penis, and squish the lotion between your penis and the condom. Now slowly slide the condom almost off and back on again. When you get going, pull the end of the condom with one hand and then slide it back on with the other. Once you get the technique down, it will feel like your penis is a foot long as you slide the condom up and down. Then, when you approach orgasm, squeeze hard, hold your hands still, and thrust with your hips like with the "Vagina" method for a long-lasting orgasm that will milk you dry.



Put on some old boxer shorts that are too small, and pull your penis and scrotum out of the fly. Then pull the shorts up so they are tight, and fold the tops down, so you have a little bikini-type thing with your penis sticking out the front. This puts pressure on your penis that feels good, and masturbating like this provides a different sensation.


This one is rather odd but cool. First get an erection, and then take a pillow and crawl between the box-spring and mattress of a twin-size bed. (Full, king, and queen mattresses are too heavy.) Lie on your back, position the pillow between you and the mattress, and thrust your hips against the pillow. The weight of the mattress is a new and interesting sensation. Beware — If someone walks in on you, you'll have a tough time talking your way out of this one!

If you use a condom while using this technique, the sensation is better and the orgasm lasts a bit longer.


Try masturbating with latex gloves (the kind dentists and doctors use). You can buy them at the drug store. For a variation, put on yellow rubber household gloves, and over them slip on latex gloves.


Find a very soft piece of clothing; silk is the best (the best you can use is a silk slip), but you can also use velvet or a pair of polyamide shorts, etc. Get an erection and lie down, and place the cloth over your penis. Then, with both hands, start rubbing the fabric to the left and the right, with the silk touching the sensitive underside of your penis. But don't rub too fast. Your penis will get very sensitive, and you'll have a great orgasm. You can enhance the feeling by draping some of the fabric over your scrotum so it gets stimulated, too.


Put some lube inside a condom, put it on your penis, and stroke for a while. Then start twisting the condom around your penis.

All you need for this technique is one kiwi fruit. Cut it in half and eat most of the inside, but leave about 4 millimeters (about a quarter inch) of fruit on the inside of the skin. Then cut off the top and bottom of each half (depending on your size), use it to line a ring that you make with your index finger and thumb, and masturbate.

Roasted red sweet peppers out of a jar have the consistency of a vagina, or the inside of a mouth without the teeth. Insert your penis into one of these peppers while holding the pepper in your hand. Warning, do not use hot peppers for this technique!


Get one of those "ribbed" condoms, and turn it inside out so when you put it on, the ribs will rub against your penis. Lube the condom's inside (previously the outside) with K-Y Jelly or another water-based lube, and simply masturbate by moving the condom. If it's been a while, go easy — this will make you reach orgasm quickly, because the ribs stimulate every inch of your penis. Using a condom this way with a vagina simulator will make it feel even more real.


You can make a very effective "condom" of sorts for masturbation (not for intercourse!) using Kleenex tissues (preferably the lotioned kind). Start with 5 tissues (you can adjust the number depending on your penis size), fold 3 of the tissues in half along the crease that's usually there, and then wrap them around the base of your penis. Drape the other two tissues over the top opening so you can hold onto the edges with your hand. Then move up and down, and you've got yourself an easy, pleasurable ejaculation cleanup that can be flushed away with ease. You may want to make sure the whole thing is totally soaked through before flushing; otherwise it may plug up the toilet.

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