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Do lesbians ever feel compelled to pinch another woman on the breasts?
I'm not trying to be funny, but guys love to do this to other guys in gay bars, especially when they're
drunk, it pisses me off. I almost flattened someone for having too much nerve in that respect.
lol nope! i am too femme to do that xD
Lesbians/Bi-Sexuals/& those with common sense: Please help!?
Hi. I'm a closeted high school lesbian. I'm a normal chick. Lots of friends, good grades, guys who want me; like I said typical. Referring to the lesbian lingo, I guess I could be classified as a femme. But that shouldn't matter. My point is, based on stereotype, people wouldn't guess that I was a lesbian.

Anyway. I have this friend. I have liked her for a really long time. And well, I think I'm in love with her. Before you shake your head at the typical "closeted lesbian who falls in love with her straight best friend", I really do believe my situation is different than the norm. For one thing, we are always hanging out together, and not only together, but often time just one on one. We have hooked up drunk before. She has admitted to being a bisexual drunk. And sober, she stares at me and flirts with me. She also talks about how she thinks male genitals is gross even while sober. I don't want to over think this.

Things that make me think she's gay:
- She says she has a "hard" time liking guys. She has never had a "real crush" on a boy. She's almost 18.
- She says on a scale from 1- 10 of gayness she was a 4 (she said this while drunk. being a lesbian I said 5, so I don't know how trustworthy that is)
- She stares at me. (and hits on me but says she's just "guyding")
- We've hooked up (drunk)
- She says there are aspects of guys that she "just doesn't like"
- She doesn't like to be involved with penis unless she "has to" (granted, she's never touched one)
- She keeps telling me we should go to a gay pride parade together.
- She is really awkward around guys.
- WE ALWAYS HANGOUT. I mean we are always together.
- Lately, I've been dating this guy as a cover, and she gets really sensitive and quiet and almost upset when I talk about him to her. Almost like pissed off. Some of my friends are like, "she's jealous..." but I don't know.

Things that tell me she's straight:
- She was telling me her type of guy (though she seemed to be reluctant to say it)
- She's never said she likes girls.
- She doesn't fit the stereotype (I know that really doesn't matter, but it is something)
- Around her uber straight friends she'll join in the "oh, that guys hot" (for celebrities only, not people we know) discussion but at the same time it seems extremely exaggerated.

Help. I need to know whether or not making a move (sober) is a good idea. I would ask but this girl is so ubelievably shy, + I don't want to scare her away.
Oh my god! That is my life story. I was out of the closet, but that's the only difference we have. My bestfriend was the exact same way, like EXACT same, I made a move and well... we've been together for 5 years ever since I made that move. So, make the move and hope for the best! Maybe you'll end up like me, moving into a house with your girlfriend/bestfriend ;)

Just say that you could spend the rest of your life with a girl, and see where the conversation goes from there. And if not, bring up the drunken hook-up. If you're outgoing enough, say something like, 'we should try that again...' then see how she reacts and say, 'drunk of course.' if she gets freaked out. That's what I'd do :) Good luck, hopefully you get your girl :)
Lesbians, how would you deal with a straight guy who has feelings for you that you must see every day?
I posted a question similar to this the other night. Me and my house mates had a party and went clubbing and my house mate tried to get with me when I was drunk but I shut him down. He knows my sexuality and kept trying anyway even when he has a girl back home we're all in UK to study. This just pissed me off so we fought and basically haven't talked all weekend. He's been back talking about me relentlessly and it's like he doesn't fully understand the whole concept of liking a girl cause he keeps asking my neighbour downstairs what a vagina's good for, how a girl could possibly please me more than a guy which is ignorant and inappropriate. I don't have a girlfriend at the moment and have always been open about my sexuality but you can't control how someone thinks and feels about you just because you think and feel a certain way for them. I'm already interested in another girl. I hear he may have feelings for me but I don't trust that, I think he's just lonely and bored but what he's doing is unfair and unreasonable. Now I have to see the jerk every day, how do I deal with him lesbians, what would you do if you were in my shoes?
He is not a nice lad, if he had true feelings he would not have disturbed you even after explicit rejection. He knows your sexuality and as friend he should respect it. From your side I suggest learn to ignore and seek for the girl you like and move on with life. He will mute when he will notice you are in a relationship with a girl. :)
Are my friends lesbians?
A couple of my girl friends make out pretty much everytime they're drunk. They're 21. They say it doesn't mean anything, but they also shower together and sleep together (no sex). Is this just becoming normal in our society? With songs like "I kissed a girl" by Katy Perry I feel like it influences girls to fool around with each other.

I used to think you could only see lesbians on porn, but now it seems like all my friends are doing that.

What do you think, is it ok?

I know if I have a daughter someday I'll be really pissed if she ever makes out with another girl. And it kinda worries me what girls will be like 15 years from now.
1. Enjoy the show
2. Enjoy the show
3. Ask to join the show

Should i Forgive him for bathing with lesbians? ?
My boyfriend recently went to interstate to NSW for a week to attend a family reunion.
He's been back for about 2 weeks and we both just turned 19.
He told me two days ago that he got drunk in sydney
- went to a club
- this ugly chick was flirting with him
- these two lesbians were chatting to him
- he went back to their hotel room them
- he had a 15 minute spa with them
- then left

what the hell am i supposed to think, say, do?

i just broke down crying when he told me

i feel so dirty

he said nothing happened and i beleive him that nothing happened - only because i dont think they would touch him

he says he cant remember everything that happened either coz he was pissed.

i really like him

i think so differently of him now

how could he?
If he told you than it was most likely bothering him and he probally cares alot about you. However I know if most of my friends did that to thier gf it would be over. If you have not already done so I would have a long talk with him and find out what is unsatisfying about the relationship obviously something is not pleasing to him. As for the forgivness it should be based on your best judgement I would probally forgive him but not forget about his choices.
How to say im genuinely sorry and i regret for what i did and happen?
i knew this gal who was a good friend to me. She was a lesbian but i was quite close with her and preety much she was my best pal. we normaly hang every where together. this 1 day we went out drinking and we were both piss drunk and we had sex. i still cant remember half the things i said or did that night.
The next we were suppose to meet up she left town to her partners house in the next town. She was upset saying that i was her 1st and she had to clear her head.
The thing is now i dont like that way as i mean a partner she's a great friend yes but im not really into a relationship now.
I told her I regret what happen between us. She then text me asking me that what ever i said to her was it becouse i was drunk. i didnt know what to answer her at all. She then told me lets forget it ever happen and move on in life.
Im feeling damn bad of what happen cos i never ever had the intention to this to her at all. i want to responsible and try make things right but what am i to do?
write a letter to her....a long one.... xpressing all of ya feelin
Am I controlling or just a loving boyfriend?
My girlfriend and I have been together for 9 months now. I am 39 and she is 38, we both have been married before so when we started dating we pretty much laid everything out there about what we were looking for and we hit it off great. I have a 6 yr old daughter that I get every other week and all the time when my ex is out to sea. My girlfriend and I are both in the Navy and I am on my last few days before I officially retire. She has 2 yrs left before she retires. Well we hit if off so great that I moved out of my apartment and moved in with her in her townhouse and she even helped fix up my daughters room when I have her. I even went and bought a motorcycle because she had one so we could ride together. We both enjoy riding allot and we just recently got back from Sturgis which was GREAT by the way. Ok that is enough of the introduction information. While we were in sturgis we were having a great time and we had been having sex nearly every night we were up there, well one night we had been drinking and partying and when it was time to head to bed I got all worked up and I wanted to have sex again, well she did not want to so I got bad and said some things that I should not have said but I sincerly apologized the next day for my actions. I was drunk, wanted sex and when I didnt get it I got pissed...totally selfish and I was sorry for that. Now in my mind that was the only big fight that we have had since we had been together. We started dating in Jan 09 and that just happend the first week in Aug 09. Well just this past weekend her grandmother had passed away whom she was very very close with so she went back home to attend the funeral. I could not go with her because of retirement stuff that needed to be done back here but I gave her a big hug, told her how much I loved her and to call when she could. She went there and had the funeral and we talked a couple of times a day and she was sad but seemed to be doing ok from what I could tell on the phone. Well after most of the family left she went and was going to stay with her aunt for a few days before she came back home. She called me and we were talking and I asked her what her plans were and she said that she was going to go with her aunt and some friends out to dinner and she also said that she told her aunt that she was not in the mood to drink or anything like that. I was back here and got bored and it was a friday night so i decided that i was going to go and play some darts. I went to a place I used to play at and when I got there alot of my friends were there so I decided to stay and play. I sent my girlfriend a text letting her know that I was playing darts but she did not repsond but did not think anything about it. well after about 1/ 1/2 hours I sent another text telling her that I loved her and asked her who her man was and she sent back a text saying "you" well this was around 1045. I was talking to a buddy of mine telling him how great my girlfriend was and showed him the text. Well 15 mins later I got eliminated from the tournament so I left because I wanted to talk to my girlfriend, when I walked outside I called her and she did not answer. Now this was only 15 minutes since she sent me the text. Well when she did not answer I called back because I thought maybe she did not hear her phone...she did not answer again. I was thinking to myself why is she not answering her phone. When I got home I called one more time and still no answer. So i sent a text saying WTF.....I got a text from her but it was not her and it was from one of her lesbien friends wife telling me she was behaving, she is partying with the lesbians. Well this pissed me off royally....not because she was partying with the lesbians because I had met them and thought they were cool. I wanted to talk to my girlfriend before I went to bed and she chose not to answer the phone and instead after I had called her over and over she gives the phone to someone else. All that did was send my mind a spin because then I started thinking what is she doing to where she could not answer her phone and talk to the person she "loved". It was only 15 minutes since she last text me at 1045. I called her at 1058 and all she had to do was pic up the phone so I could tell her goodnight and she chose not too. To me, if you are in a relationship with someone like we are then you dont do that to someone that you say you love. She finally called me at 330am when I was half a sleep and she was hammered and of course we got into a fight and she accused me of being controlling and did not want to be in the relationship anymore. We have been together for 9 months and this is the two times we have gotten in a fight light that. We were very loving to each other and I always told her how beautiful she was and I like to do the little things for her to let her know I love her. All I wanted to do was tell my girlfriend goodnight and now we are breaking up. Am I wrong??
I dont know about you, but when I am out partying I am not looking at my phone every 2 minutes. You probably pissed her off by freaking out that she did not answer her phone and sending the WTF message. How would you react if she sent that text to you while you were out partying? I wouldnt want to talk to my girl if she sent that text to me. She was already down and just wanted to party. Plus what good does it do to go out partying with a group of friends if you spend the whole time on the phone with someone who isnt there? Probably if you would have just text her goodnight and let her know you were going to bed, she may have called you and you would not be in this situation. The whole thing about getting mad about not having sex does not go over well with women, drunk or not. As for her being drunk after she wasnt in the mood to drink, well that has happened to me plenty of times. One beer leads to more beer. I think at the very least you were a selfish by picking a fight with her on this night. I dont blame you for wanting to talk to her. I would have wanted to also, but you tried to contact her like 4 times in 2 hours?In my opinion that is excessive. Asking her who her man is, is a little strange. What do you expect her to say? It sounds like to me you were jealous and worried about what she was doing or you would not have been trying so desperately to contact her. I think a little jealousy is healthy or people dont truly care for the one they are with, but jealousy is also a sure way to chase a woman away.
How can i tell a girl to piss off without being horrible?
im seeing a girl at the moment and i really like her and want things to work out ...

i have another girl textin me that my friend tried to set me up with i have never been into her and i have told her time & time again that im seeing someone and want things to work she keeps sending me texts and catching me on msn and asking me out ... last night she asked me to go to her house and sleep with her (talk about forward) also when im in the pub she will come over to me and touch me when she has no reason to touch me and shes always buyin me drinks. im not doing anything to make her do this ...

i really dont want people to get the wrong idea and tell my girl im upto stuff .... its happened before you know what the lesbian world is like

how can i get her to stop???? it is flatterin but at the same time pretty creepy
You might just have to tell her literally to "piss off".
Sometimes it's the only way to get rid of people who are persistnt.
My mom thinks I'm a lesbian!?
Yesterday I came home and I found my mom on my computer. She looked really suspicious and there was nothing on-screen. When she got off the computer I went and checked the browsing history and I was shocked. She was researching on how to know if your daughter is a lesbian, about drinking, and having sex, and also on how to have a better communication with your guyren. I know my mom and I don't have a close relationship because she gets me annoyed and she acts like a mom and not a friend. She really isn't the person I go to for problems. So I checked the history again and she had logged on again this morning and researched on how to support your guy if they're gay or bisexual, how to avoid pregnancies, and tons of other stupid crap. What pisses me off is how she would think this of me when I'm like the straightest person ever. I never tell her any of my relationships or what I do cuz then she starts getting in my business. But the funny thing is that when I dont tell her, she thinks im gay! WTF!!! Please help, I don't know what to do!
obviously your mom is looking for a way to connect with you. She doesn't know how to approach you. If your not close then it's probably pretty safe to say that she doesn't know you very well and might assume things about you that may not be the case, like that you may be a lesbian but are definitely not. She's a mom, that's why she's acting like it and someday you may be glad you had a mom rather than another friend. Try connecting with her. Go shopping, even if its just for groceries and while doing these types of things the lines of communication may open up. Let her get to know you. Then she will not have to assume things. By looking up things on the internet she's obviously trying to find a way to connect with you so why don't you break the ice. It's not always fun to "hang out" with our parents but in the end you'll appreciate having somebody like her that you can actually talk to. Trust your mom enough to open up to her.
good luck:)
Having troubles with my friend !!!!!!!!?
hey guys im 15 and I'm a lesbian, I'm having trouble with my freind you see i told her i was a lesbian but of course it was no big shock because she hangs out with poeple like me all the time . Anyways I had told her i had a crush on her during our sleep over and she didn't care she thought it was cool that somone envied her that way. But at like 3 in the morn. i tried to get some sleep and pretended to sleep just to be funny but then she started to caress me and i did it back and then finally she told me to kiss her and it was for a really time then finally we fell asleep. She left the next morning, happy and content as so i thought.
The next day we hanged out and i asked her if she liked me at all now she hasn't had a boyfreind or girlfreind before so she thought she was bi-curious. So we were pretty non-chalant about it she some time statred at me and I stared back. her dad was home and piss drunk like usual. So i suggested an idea of moving her bed to the basement since its super hot in her room. So she ran up to me and tried to kiss me which totally caught me off gaurd and i half almost fell down the stairs. After that we said by and i left at like 6pm. 2 days after I came over and we hanged out we went down to her room and hanged out for awhile and played the legendary truth or dare (lol) anyways i asked her if she like me and she said I'm no to sure, so she dared me to kiss her and I did then i had to leave and eat dinner. The next day we had a sleepover at my house and we got to 2nd base (neck biting kissing teases etc.) and she totally enjoyed it after we fell asleep in each others arms. She left in the morning because she had to go to a trip to a different city to see her mom for a week. We didn't have any contact except for facebook and probably only said hi once. Anyways she came back and we hanged out nothing went on though, I asked her if she wanted to have a sleep over but she said no ( which is weird because she usually asks me ), but i just brushed it off , said bye and gave her a hug. well we hanged out for a couple weeks and I told her how I felt about her and she said she would prefer if we stayed freinds. It hurt at first but I just brushed it off after awhile. So we kept hanging out but soon after 3 days before skool she got mad at me for phoning her to much (twice that week) , so we got in a big fight and now not either of us has talked to each other or even awkknowledged eachothers excistence and it hurts me alot because I'm not one to hold a grudge, so I went to go to her on friday and say I was sorry even though it wasn't my fault ( thats what my freinds tell me) but she had already left ( I think to see her sister that was in town ) so i thought ok what ever I'll be ok but I feel like I've been a very bad freind and i really want to patch this up can anyone give any suggestions?
As she asked you to kiss her and started everything with caressing you first it is not your fault. She could be having doubts about not knowing whether or not she wants to be in a relationship with you or sleep with you, etc. She is feeling weird because she has never done this before with a girl and you are her best friend. Just because she hangs out with other people that are lesbian doesn't always mean that she wants to have a best friend that is one. I would say give her some space: not hang out so much, but still be there say hi to her not all the formality but keep it inside the school. Apologize to her saying you did not mean to freak her out if you did and you still want to be friends if you can. Tell her if anything like this ever happens again it will be because she wants it and you don't want to pressure her into it. To me it sounds like she still wants to be your friend but she is weirded out by all of this. She may have been raised with parents that look down on other gays and she just needs to come to terms with it happening and her feeling about you that way. Don't pressure her though. Give her some time and she will return to you because you are her best friend. If she doesn't come back to you then you know she is not the kind of friend that you want in your life or a girlfriend that you can trust.

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