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I was just wondering if anyone had No-one Hixxy Remix...by Alicia Keyes? If so could you levae your msn so you can send it me? also...
Flashlight. I think thats what its called.
These are both from the Hardcore Heaven 6xCD
i have the tune flashlight by darren styles my yahoo msn is cocojo1976 and probably have the alicia keys one somewhere my fella buys all the htid cd packs
What happened to hardcore heaven? It's disappeared.?
I've searched the internet for hardcore heaven, and it seems nobody carries it any more. What happened to it, and how do I find it? I'm considering torrenting it if I can't get it for a realistic price.
The Hardcore Heaven brand is owned by Slamin Vinyl - www.slamminvinyl.com

You can buy CD packs from their store (or any of their events)


Usually some 2nd hand stuff on Ebay too!!
Hardcore heaven. Where can i find the videos?
on youtube and other sites when watching hardcore heaven videos, in the corner it says Hardcore heaven in green n white writing. wot site can i find those videos on?? please answer!
When you find out let me know too
On the rise and fall of ecw dvd rvd's music when he faces jerry lynn at hardcore heaven is not walk by pantera?
does anybody know what it is. repeat it is not walk by pantera the dvd has a different entrance for him
They probably edited his music out because WWE doesn't have the distribution rights for that song.
Is it true that Jesus's suffering and death would be like heaven for a hardcore masochist?
It's a win-win: save the people AND enjoy yourself!
I always wondered the same thing. Hell is like heaven to masochistic so does that mean they go to heaven if theyre bad
Whats the most extreme match of all time + SPW Hardcore Heaven?
Welcome to the home the original ECW.. Philadelphia! Tonight we are having SPW Hardcore Heaven! Every match will be extreme, without further ado, lets get on with the show.

Match 1
Steel Cage Match for SPW Womens Championship
Clarice vs. Ms. Lol vs. La Guapo

Match 2
Tables Match
Crazy Mother Punker vs. Edge Is Money

Match 3
Hardcore Match
Psycho Dude vs. Golden Boy

Match 4
Taipei Death Match
Fallen Diablo vs. Dark Demon

Match 5
Ladder Match for SPW Pure Championship
Charlie Scene vs. The Funking Punk

Match 6
Last Man Standing for SPW Legends Championship
UndertakerY2J vs. Stewie Griffin

Match 7
TLC Match for SPW WHC
Deadman 4 Life vs. Y2J TWIY

Main Event
KOTM Match for SPW Championship
SQ vs. RRJ vs. WBHF vs. Showtime vs. Max vs. TRE

Vote and cut promo
Crazy Mother Punker
Psycho Dude
Fallen Diablo
Charlie Scene

Ladies and gentleman, tonight is the next stop in my title reign. A ladder match agaisnt The Funking Punk. Now I know that this isnt gonna be a challenge, so I decided to go on a history ride with you all. Lets go back to YEWF. Thats right YEWF. Charlie Scene vs The Funking Punk in a TLC match. Im proud to say, I lost that match. He beat me. And thats the only time it has ever happened. Fat forward to our YWWA match. I DECIMATED him. It wasnt even a challenge. And neither will this. He likes to claim that the ladder match is his match, that he cant lose. But he will lose tonight. Because he faces The Spw pure champion, he faces the future world champion. He faces every womans infatuation, across the whole entire nation, they like the pulsation, but they love the penetration. And I can sense your frustration, since all you get is masturbation. You could use your imagination or I could give you a demonstration! Charlie Scene.
What was rvd's them song when he face jerry lynn at hardcore heaven 1999?
i watched the match on the rise and fall of ecw dvd and was wondering what it was
Walk" by Pantera
Am trying to find hardcore heaven 7 any ideas where i can get it from?
please help am desperate to find it xxx
Question for hardcore Christians do animals go to heaven?
In the Old Testament someone asked "how could animals go to heaven" the other man replied "how narrow minded are you? we die and turn to ashes the same as animals who are we to say we're any better" and the bible clearly mentions animals in heaven, Jesus' white horse, lion and the lamb, so do our pets go to heaven? I mainly asking because it kills me when animals are abused and in pain all their lives and never get to know anything better, surely that cannot be the end of the road for them?
I'm sure all creatures have a place. Heavenly Father loves them all. Most likely they will be with us and live in harmony with one another.

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