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Do you think it is wrong to have sex with your gay twin brother?
I am 16 and I have an identical twin brother who is also gay. Do you think that it is wrong to have sex with each other? I mean we are both virgins and that way we won't get any STDs. No stupid answers please!
Gay sex with twin brother?
me and my twin brother have been haveing gay sex (F*****g,sucking, fingering and dildoing) for years (we are 16) usually he is top and he likes to tie me down. i like it but am wondering if i should stop. we are cautious but i am afraid our parents will wventually find us
Well, if you've been doing it this long and haven't been caught yet, then you've mastered the art of deception. If you both really enjoy this, then...well, go right ahead.
Question: Has your twin brother always been the dominant one? I always heard that with twins, one usually dominated the other. Is that true? Or does he just dominate you sexually? And do you enjoy being submissive to him?
If you really like it and it feels good and neither of you have any hang ups about it, go ahead. Just keep it quiet and let it be ya'lls special thing.
How should I tell my Same-Sex Identical Twin brother I'm Gay?
We're really close, like Twincest close. If you don't know what that is, it's having a relationship with you're twin but I don't mean it literally it's more of a joke/forbidden brotherly love thing that drive girls at our high school crazy. Anyway I'm actually gay and I know he's open to acting like we're gay to each other in front of the girls but I don't know how he actually feels about it. I basically need some help ^+^
Just tell him. If you are as twincestual as you say, then he will most likely be cool with it. He may already assume that you are. Never know, he may be as well - and then you can really screw with people's minds LOL In all seriousness though, just tell him. He'll love ya no matter what.
If you mess around with your identical twin, who is the same sex, is this being gay or masterbastion?
My dad saw this commerical the other day, with identical twins, they both were obviously gay so this question pop up in his head. And no one can give him a straight reasonable answer. He also wants to know, if you had a clone and messed around with it would it be gay or masterbastion? Please help us out! Thank you!
The chicken or the egg. I suppose if it were a clone it would be masturbation but a twin would be incest. A clone is a copy of you so it would literally be yourself. A twin would be you sibling.
A question to all of you who believe in same-sex marriage: If that is OK, why would it be wrong for twin gay?
brothers to marry each other? Sure it's incest, but no genetically damaged guyren can come of it, so why is incest wrong in this situation. I say it's wrong because God and the Bible say so. But since you don't care about the Bible saying same-sex marriage is wrong, then you must approve of incest in cases that can't produce offspring.
No. If you actually read the Bible, you will see that it never mentions same-sex marriage. But it does mention incest. Jesus' words about "one flesh" were meant to extol the virtues of commitment, monogamy, faithfulness, love, etc., not heterosexual sexual acts. You should be careful making Scripture say something it never meant to say.

Law-abiding, taxpaying, gay Americans want the right to marry the person we love, not our brothers or sisters. Filthy minded anti-gay activists are the ones always bringing up incest and bestiality, not us.
How do i bring up gay sex with my boyfriend?
Ok so I’m gay, yeah and plz don’t judge, and I’ve been going out with this guy for about 6 months, and I honestly love him to bits. He is really sweet and protective over me but not in an obsessive way, plus he’s really hot. We do everything together, like watching movies and just chilling out, and every day after school he is there to pick me up (he doesn’t go to school he dropped out.) we go to each over’s doctors and dentist appointments even!!! We are both 15 and have never been past making out. I am a virgin but he isn’t.

But a few weeks ago we were making out, and he started rubbing me “down there.” I kinda ignored it until he got an erection, then he looked at me and asked me if I wanted to have sex with him. I told him I wasn’t really ready, and he stopped immediately and said we would wait until I was. I love him so much and if I was to lose my virginity to someone it would definitely be him. He’s so understanding even that a couple of weeks ago I agreed to have sex with him when I really wasn’t comfortable. We both took our shirts off and were making out for a while, but when he started to take my pants off, he stopped and said we weren’t going to do it. I asked why and he said he could tell I didn’t want to. But now I think I am ready.

We just finished shopping for his twin brothers birthday present and were walking home when some jerks who bully me about being gay came over and started harassing us. It was totally awesome he told them to f**k off and if they had a problem with me that they could speak to him about it and they totally backed off. I just wanted to kiss his face off, and I actually got an erection but it was dark so I’m pretty sure he didn’t see.
So it’s his 16th birthday in a week and I’m planning on having sex with him that night, only problem I don’t know how to bring it up with him. I’m not really just planning on “Hey, wanna have sex,” I want to make it romantic. Also I have no idea what to actually do. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, I'm 15 too. And when my parents found out my boyfriend (who is 15 too) were having sex, it almost ruined EVERYTHING! There was such a big fight, I was not sure if they would ever let me see him again! After a few months now they are only now putting it past them. But know I can't have sleepovers at his house anymore, even though he lives next door. We can't ever be behind closed doors together, AND if my parents find out we have sex again before we are 18, I lose my graduation present after high school, which is a brand new car, with my parents paying the insurance for the first year.

So, god knows how YOUR parents may react?
Would you make out with or have sex with yourself if you're gay or bi?
Since you're attracted to the same gender, if you had a clone of yourself, would you find yourself attractive enough to make out with or have sex with? Or would that be weird since it would be like your twin?

i think masturbation is on the same category
This one's for all the same sex twin siblings out there...?
I'm curious about how many twin siblings are both gay or lesbian regardless of being identical or fraternal twins?

Don't know why, it just is interesting to me and would sure further the genetic argument, wouldn't it?
But personality traits vary amongst twins also. Does that mean those traits are any less biological?
Are you your own twin? Is this why you are "gay"?
I have many friends who are gay. This is a legit question as to a possible medical reason so idiots will stop the "you can change back to normal if you really tried" stupidity.

I saw a show on your own twin. These people had two different DNA in their bodies. The medical reasoning is they had a twin but very, very, very early in the pregnancy, they "obsorbed" their twin.

There was a woman who failed the DNA test for her own guy before they finally found a second DNA hiding in her cells that matched her guy.

What if the twin was the opposite sex? Could this be the "medical reasoning" behind homosexuality?

Just a thought. As I said in the beginning, could this explain medically because I'm tired of idiots saying homosexuality is a choice.
I had never heard of that before, but I like to research genetics. It seems logical to me that this could be true.
My brother is gay, and before he was born, my mother miscarried twins ( a girl and a boy). We believe that in her pregnancy with him, the other twin was present, but died very early in the pregnancy. Ever since he was young though...he has been gay (he obviously didn't go around kissing boys at the age of 5, but we knew he was different).
Another person who recently came into our lives is gay and her situation is the same. She was a twin, and is the only surviving one out of the pregnancy. She is also gay.
I find it logical to assume that this could have set the biological makeup to have that duality and in is also logical to assume that it is a big reason why they are gay.
It is not always a choice to be gay. For those of you who don't understand that, you would if you knew somebody who was gay.

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