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Does anyone know a distribution company for home made sex tapes?
my girl and I are looking for a distrubution company that makes and sells home made amateurs sex tapes of couples.
We want to make some extra money and I hear you can sell your bedroom adventures and make a lil extra money.

Sell 'em yourself on the web! Domains are cheap.
Tips on shooting a home video?
My roommate and I are going to be shooting a homemade video later tonight for the fun of it. (I'm a guy, she's a girl, and yes it's a sex tape, before you ask.) Anyway, since most amateur porn sucks, I was hoping to get tips on shooting a decent quality home movie so it will at least look as good as possible. Angles, lighting, etc.
Angles are up to you - but if you watch examples that you like, then copy them.

Use a tripod.

LOTS of light.

Adjust the white balance correctly.

This is no different from any other production.
Okay i dont know what to do i feel confused? :/Found out my DAD watches porn?
My Dad has always been a really good dad and husband he is a very cultural men he is always worrying about nature plant exploring cultures and he
Loves history he is very smart and he is a amazying chef he is a perfect husband sweet he doesnt drink only wen in family parties and je never smokes. I love him a lot but layely like a week ago hes been getting mad of simple things thars not how he is andd he has never hit me or my momor mi lil 3 year old sis or my 9 year olld bro im 14 and im a gil my mom is 32 abd dad is 37. So 3 days ago i was looking on his phone ( he always lets me use it) i was looking for a summer school number that i had saved on history five daysago but on my way through looking for it i found a porn site that had been visited several times by him and today i cheked again ( this time looking to see if he kept doing it) and he does he look at amateur home vida and at a sex shop looking for strap dildos im really sad nd dissapointed idk wat to do please help me and please dont say that its normal i really need to know wat to do should i talk to hhim or my mom and if so how im confused i know i wrote a lot but please help me nd thanks:)
Well. Since this guy is married, i think that it wud be important to talk to your mom about it. Buht thn again, he will think u were snoopin on his phone N he wnt trust u noee more. So i wud advice u tlk to him N ask him wats goin on becuz he seems to hve a problem :/ I wish u daa best tho and hope ur family stays together :)
Sex tape....................?
I used to be in relation with a guy who good looking , handsome and funny . He used to make fun all the time , i was so happy to with him , I myself supposed to be the most happiest and luckiest person of the world . We enjoyed all the time. We were in relation since last six months , once he proposed me to tape our sex , initially I denied it but later when he swear me that will be very private and would remain in between us , i agreed because i was also eager to see myself on tape , how would I look on action ? He , it would better to say we taped ourselves in different positions , that was really interesting moment.
Time passed , he made me happy all the time , it was only matter of sex , he was perfect in all matter , he used to care love and looked like helpful , that was all what a girl except from her partner.
Sometimes i used to suspect him , he used to hang out on cell, lost for some days , when I used to inquiry ,he used to simply say it was due to official work or somethings else, as i used to believe him ,it was almost fine for me ,
Once when i checked his cell I found another video clip as it was same what we had done before but different was there was another girl instead of me ,I was totally socked , later I knew he was play boy and it was totally normal habit to him , when i asked about that he frankly told me about his habit and even said that he had taped his action with several girls .He showed me his all clips . I said nothings , just broke up with him , we are no longer in touch,

But all the time i am afraid that he might post that clips in the internate . He had done black mail with me and other girls , firstly he turned to be very loving, caring and later when took opportunities from us,
when that situation happened , i tried to search that clips in internate , fortunately i couldn't find mine one , thanks god , at least i didn't see . But unfortunately i found some of other clips like mine in categories of home made pörn ,spy cam , hidden cam and amateur videos,I think most of girls were cheated as me , poor girls ......

It made me worried all the time , that the most biggest deal(mistake) done by me ,I couldn't share it with my parents , even can't go for court , i can do nothing for him , just trying to forget that bitter moments but i never can ,never can

sorry guys , I don't want to say my true name neither location nor something else , i just would like to say i am very poor girl and no longer teen now.

hey girls have u taped your action ever , have u thought being cheated or something else ?
I just would like to say never make a deal , keep private things very private , there are something that would better to keep private .

Would any one suggest how can i deal this situation ?

many many thanks for your valuable views , suggestions .
Thats Horrible........ What A Twisted Jerk....Does It Have Your Face In The Video??................ I Wouldnt Worry About It At All The Guy Is A Total Moron I Dont Think He Would Put The Pics On The Internet. Think Its Jus For Himself.. I Dont Understand Guys At All..... Ive Had A Picture Taken Once.. Long Story How It Happend.. He Threatend Me But Never Put It On Internet.. I Wouldnt Worry Yourself Cuz It Will Drive You CRAZY.. As It Did Me.. Jus Try Not To Think About it.. And Try And Feel Like It Diddnt Happen, I Would Say If He Does Post It Contact The Police Straight Away... But Do You Want To Go Through All That?... Will Anyone Know Its You On The Video Anyway?? I Dont Think He Wil Put It On The Internet At All.. x Sorry Hes Done This Its Twisted!!!!!!!!! Dont Think About It!
Boyfriend turns down sex, but watches porn (SORRY SO LONG)?
I am 22 years old and my boyfriend is 25. We have been together almost a year and a half and in the beginning (I mean a good 8 months straight) we would have sex 2 sometimes 3 times a day. We have been living together for a year (moved in soon) and still get along great. However, he works outside and is tired at the end of the day. I am always up for sex, even if it is just to please him (can please myself later) as I enjoy the closeness I feel (among other reasons obviously) For the last few months we will have sex once a day for a few days, but then go several days without it. I don't expect sex all the time, but any time he is home alone (even if it's like 30 minutes) I will see on the computer he has watched porn. I am in no way prudish and do most things porn stars do. He watches amateur stuff, not blonde bimbo stuff. I just don't understand, I have told him I don't care if he watches porn as long as he is still willing to have sex later. He claims he doesn't feel like it sometimes. I know I am probably being sensitive, but I am just curious why he would turn me down and then watch porn when I leave. He says if I ask him about it and tell him I always want to have sex why does he choose porn, he says that it's a turn off to ask him that and that I seem desperate. He also ALWAYS denies that he has watched porn, and when I check history (I don't tell him I did this before) it is always there.
Sorry this is jumbled. PLEASE help. I don't want to feel bad about this, but I do. Need a male/female who has deal with this perspective.
a man, who turns down sex, and prefers porn? okay he's either straight and addicted to porn, there's a medical term for this btw, or he is gay
Why are guys of this generation so disrespectful?
Back in my day guys and teenagers were respectable folk. They would do their homework and THEN worry about having fun. Now guys of today go home and use their cellular devices to talk to their friends. Also back in my day guys tried to think about their future. Now all y'all' guys think about is sex, drugs and Justin Bieber. All you youngins are amateurs at life. The only folk I can stand is people at least 65+ since they grew up in a time where we respected each other.
I believe as you get older, you start to see more things which are stupid that you didn't notice when you were young. You were young once too. Also people who were in their 20s in the 1960s are now at age 60+. Years later that generation will still exist. we all know that was a decade sex drugs and rock&roll. Now it's sex, drugs and Justin Bieber. well not much change except Justin and of course the electronics we now have.
Suggests the best way to get professional masseurs?
Last time me and my wife had been to europe she had a nice massage from a good masseaur in Paris. Ever since she is back home, she wanted to have regular massages for her full body but we found difficulty in finding a professional person.whoever turned up through the net contacts, were amateurs and more inclined in the angle of sex (with her undressed body) and hence we did not call any of them again. Pls suggests the best way to get professional masseurs for her to be massaged?
Use the sources at your local health club or spa. There will also be legitimate masseurs known to the concierges at local hotels. You can check with state licensing boards and massage schools.
I'm confused. What am i supposed to do?
My boyfriend and I have been going out for about 4 years now. I'm 20 BTW. A couple of days ago, he was "joking around" and called me an amateur when it comes to sex. I laughed it off because it was a light conversatoin and he said he was just bugging me. Anyway, last night we were drinking and as usually happens when youre intoxicated, my emotions got the best of me and I wanted to "do it." To my surprise, my boyfriend rejected me and said we didn't always have to. So surprised because as most guys are, he's usually more than willing and usually the one who asks/initiates. Anyway, I was so hurt (and still a little drunk) so I started crying...I felt stupid, worthless and unwanted. We started fighting. So not typical! We're usually so happy together and have a great relationship hence me being so shocked and hurt about this. Anyway, I ended up getting a cab and going home. Now I am just so confused. Am i over-reacting? What do you think is wrong? Is he not into me anymore? He called me about 20 times that night but I didn't want to talk. I was too embarrased to call him so I texted him and asked him why he basically rejected me. He said he was joking. Are u f-in guyding me?
well i think that if he wasnt still into you he wouldnt have called so many times. so theres a chance hes still into you. maybe you should talk to him about it.

well i think that as well. he must have something left if he called you so many time. but you just have to tell him that you dont like joking around like that. its stupid.
Why is my dad is such a creep.?
He's a 49 year-old amateur, that watches porn as usual on my computer whenever no one is home or every except his is sleeping. So today i went on my computer and checked my history, and I see, "cow sex", and, "farm sex". WTF?!?! i didn't want to click it... but i'm thinking my dad is now onto animal porn? WTF?!?
He probably is. Believe it or not its not that unusual to catch guys watching that kinda stuff if you look through their history. I wouldn't be too worried about it but if it bugs you you should tell him not to look up porn on your computer.
Is filming a love scene for a movie the same as cheating on your real-life partner? Please read full question?
Hello everyone, first of all let me clarify this: I've been an amateur stage actor for a short while and I got to play a kissing scene on stage, but in that case the director had me get in front of the actress and we just looked at each other, moved our heads a bit and did nothing else at all, I turned my back on the audience and that concealed the lack of any actual kissing going on. It was very unrealistic.
In movies though (and television as well), love and sex scenes are always very detailed, I'm not talking porn movies; they don't actually have sex, or so they say, but kisses are definitely real, you even get to see tongues at times, same goes for all the rubbing and fondling and all physical contact apart from penetration.
I'm very sensitive to certain scenes, when I watch them I don't think about the story and the characters as much as I think about the "real" people playing the scene, and I ask myself: how do they get away with filming this without making their real significant others jealous?
In my opinion, to shoot such scenes convincingly it is impossible not to feel something for your scene partner, don't you think? If you really "pretend" it would be the PARODY of a love scene, wouldn't it?
That said, do you think it is right to classify love scenes on the set as cheating on real life partners?
Moreover, have you ever noticed how, in special making-of features, behind-the-scenes footage exists of everything...except for love scenes?
I mean, this is stuff that deals with moral principles as well, what's the use in never revealing the truth as if it was some Copperfield or Houdini magic trick that must be kept secret?
If you were married or engaged to an actor/actress, how would you react if he/she came home and told you he/she filmed a sex scene? I'd really like to hear your opinions and I'm totally ready to be proved wrong about my way of thinking...and if there are any actors or other people involved in the acting biz, It would be great to hear their personal stories about what you feel when you have to film a love scene, how their real wives/hubbies/gf/bf's react to said scenes.
Me, personally, after my woman's umpteenth sex scene with another man, I would pack her suitcases and let her find them at the front door! Would I be unprofessional? Immature? A bad sport?

Answers I would not like to read:
- "don't marry an actress, you'll solve the problem": cowardly answer. Period.
- "it's their job": that would be like justifying prostitution, "you know, my wife has sex with every single man in town, gets every single STD there is, maybe gets pregnant from someone, gets back home so tired I'm the only one she doesn't make love to at the end of the day...but it's her job, she brings home the bacon and that's OK with me"...also, who on earth would like their relationship and all real feelings they get from it, to be second-best to an ersatz version performed for the sake of a million-dollar cheque?
- "how old are you? is your mind OK?" and other similar, pisstake answers; I would like to talk about this seriously, I'm 23 y/o and there's nothing wrong about being curious about such things even at my age.

As I said before, answers from people who are in the business are even more welcome (actors, directors, etc.) Sorry 'bout the long question, now I'll let your answers do the talking :-)
Thanks and all the best!
Okay. Here's the deal, I think I can provide you with some unique insight regarding this question. I won't specify what I used to do...let's say it was a form of acting, in which I was in this very position. Did I feel strange about it; not one bit. I didn't feel a THING for the men I had to "act" with. I simply kissed them (and that was all btw), made it very convincing for an audience...then went home to my boyfriend who wasn't concerned in the least. I guess it all depends on how well you know your partner, and how secure you feel with yourself, and your relationship. After all, it's all about trust.

My feelings were no different than performing for a room full of overzealous college boys with another girl, for get a "rise" out of them. It's entertainment, and that's it. It isn't meant to be taken seriously.

Now, in that moment, all I was thinking of was the most passionate thing I could at the time, whether that be my boyfriend, some guy I liked, or whatever....but it was never focused on the person I was kissing. Isn't that what's referred to as method acting? I'm unsure but either way, it convinced my audience.

Therefore, I don't think it's cheating in the least. I never thought about these people again. Whether they thought of me or not, I don't really know. I know I had a few admirers, but I brushed them off quickly, and professionally....albeit callously. It was part of my job, and that was acting. Acting has nothing to do with love. Making that distinction is quite important if you're thinking about going into the business or having a mate who does. Just keep that in mind.

I hope that clears a few things up for you. Cheers. :)

Edit: I wanted to let you know that both my boyfriend and myself were about your age or YOUNGER when I had this job. It WAS an acting job, on a stage, and I don't see how that would be any different from any other "type" of "professional" acting/whether it be on stage or screen. If anything, if your mate is professionally trained, and knows how to separate herself from the situation in such a manner, you shouldn't worry one bit....and no, it isn't cheating. Like I said, my feelings for these people were zero....just keep that in mind....but I loved my boyfriend (at that time) to death. We eventually broke up because he had to move away, NOT because of anything having to do with my job. ;)

Oh, and kissing while truly acting felt awkward more than anything, I would imagine like it would feel kissing a trust me, that method acting REALLY comes in handy lol. In between sets we were just good friends that would occasionally hang out, talk, and joke around. Just a friendship/business relationship, nothing more. So no, again, I don't view it as cheating in the least.


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